Friday, March 19, 2010

And baby makes four!

On March 12, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by submitting a letter to intent to adopt this sweet little boy. And now that we have received our pre-approval from China, we would like to introduce him to you. His name is Guo Xin Hua and he is currently living in the Kaifeng SWI in the province of Henen. His name means new, magnificent and spendid. He was born in November 2008, so he is 16 months old now (I think these pictures were taken at about 9 months.

We are just waiting for our immigration approval in order to submit out dossier. We hope to travel about 6 months after that. I can't wait to see that smile in person!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A great read!

There are a lot of good books out there. Like, a lot. But great books are few and far between. Great books are those that leave you a different person than you were before you read them. For me, great books include the Bible, Watership Down, Kite Runner, and The Waiting Child. And now another great book is being re-released: Silent Tears. Kay is a really cool lady - you can keep up with her on Kay Bratt Uncensored.