Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long Overdue Update

As usual, I'm behind on updating the blog.  Here's some updates from the last month.

The boys really enjoyed Halloween.  Micah was once again a firefighter.  He had a great time showing the ropes to Noah.  Noah had no idea why he had to put on a pumpkin outfit, but he sure liked the candy.  He wanted to eat each piece as it was given to him.  Mama even dressed up for the masquerade ball at Micah's school.  She went as Baba (in BDU's). 
Noah stays home with Mama while Micah is in school.  He loves to help with the vacuuming.  He is a curious toddler and gets into everything.  It's a challenge teaching him which things are toys and which things are just things,  He'd rather play with Mama's Tupperware than most of his toys. 
The boys are learning what it means to be brothers.  Noah wants to do everything Micah does.  Micah wants to be babied when he sees Noah being fed, carried or cuddled.  But it's so sweet to watch them playing together. 
Yes, I know that Noah's stool is upside down and doing him no good, but he wanted it that way. 
My friend gave the boys matching Georgia Tech shirts.  Very cute.  Daddy went to UGA though, so he's not so sure.