Friday, June 26, 2009


Summer is a time for family vacations. This year, we made the trek to Crete, Nebraska, Bruce's home town. It was a great time and Micah got to spend lots of time with NaiNai and YeYe. Micah helped YeYe cook, work in the yard and generally putter around the house. It was neat for Micah to see where Baba grew up, too. Bruce has childhood memories of climbing on this tank in the city park.
There was a big family picnic and we got to see lots of family and friends. Bruce with Brian and Wilma.
Bruce with his brother, David.
Micah was fascinated and terrified by David's motorcycle. Here he is showing off his "road rash."Micah thinks David is ultra cool 'cuz he rides a bike and drives a semi! Here he is hanging out in the cab of David's truck. I got to visit with David's wife Jahnee'. Jahnee' is a fellow knitter and shared several new techniques that will make my knitting better.
Bruce and Micah trying out the bike for size.
Micah spent lots of time playing with the neighbor boy. It was heartwarming to see an older boy be so tender and attentive to a little guy. Micah wanted to do everything he did.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Growing and Changing

I could probably start each and every blog post with an apology for not posting more often. I think I'll just forgo that part and give you some cute pictures showing how Micah is growing and changing!

We literally go miles with Micah his trike. His favorite thing to say: "Mama go for a walk. Baba go for a walk. Libby go for a walk. Micah ride bike!"
Such a handsome boy.
Micah loves to "read." He will name each letter in the word, and tell you what sound each letter makes. Then he will tell you the word says, "Micah!"

Micah's New Toy Bins

It was time to find a new way to store Micah's toys or risk having the house taken over by cars, Elmos and Thomas Trains. Micah was happy to help complete this project.
He has remarkable hand eye coordination (in my unbiased, proud mom opinion), and helped with the screwdriver and hammer.
The finished product!

Last Day of School

What a whirlwind this school year has been! Micah has gone from a shy little boy who knew no one to a confident guy with a bunch of friends. He has learned the entire alphabet and knows numbers, too. We are so grateful to his teachers, Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Kendall, for building into his life.

We've come a long way from the boy who would take one swipe at the page with a crayon and call it done. Here's my little lefty!
Micah loves to do puzzles. Mom: Micah, what does a duck say? Micah: Aflac. Aflac. AFLAC!!!!!
Hanging out on the jungle gym.

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful visit with Bruce's sister, Brenda and her husband Greg. Micah had been looking forward to this visit and he really enjoyed getting to know his aunt and uncle. They went to school to be mystery readers which thrilled Micah beyond words!

Even though Micah wasn't feeling his best, we had a lot of fun tooling around on the golf cart and playing in the back yard.
This was my second Mother's Day as a mother (to someone other than a dog!). Micah brought be some gorgeous flowers. I grasp for words to express what it means to be the mother of this sweet, bright and active boy. I can barely remember a time when I wasn't "Mama," not do I want to!