Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

All week, Micah has insisted that he will not wear a costume, so we had no idea how trick or treating would go. But after seeing kids in costume today at school, he had a change of heart and consented to wearing his Elmo costume. Thanks, Bonnie for the loan! One furry red monster, ready for trick or treating!Let's go get some candy.Safety first. We have our flashlights and light sticks. The candy goes in here!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Livin' Life!

Wow - it's been a while since I posted, but we've just been busy living life. Our days have been a blur of preschool, speech, work, church and occasionally sleep. Micah is doing great in preschool. He knows all his capital letters and has even picked up a few lower case letters. He is a quick learner and is growing academically and socially. Micah puts a lot of energy into his schooling and is often pretty tired when he gets home from school and speech (see above picture).
Mama has been very busy practicing with GraceFlock for their upcoming CD release concert. Their new CD, Alive in the Lamb, is being released this weekend. If you happen to live in the area, stop by Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday evening. Bring your lawn chairs and join us at 6:00 for an outdoor concert. I'll post more information on how you can download the music or purchase a CD once I know about it. Or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Today was one of those enjoyable family days that you treasure. Micah and Mama made brownies for tomorrow night's concert and the family relaxed and watched some football. Color me happy.
The best part of baking - licking the spoon!Nebraska football fans. They enjoyed cheering their team to a win!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photo Shoot

Well, Michael did a great job getting some good shots of us and our little guy in spite of his multiple meltdowns (Micah's not Michael's).

Check out our photos here:

Which ones are your favorites?

Monday, October 13, 2008

There and here

Sheridan is Micah's bud. The boys love playing together. Within a week we were able to visit Sheridan there at his house and here at Micah's house.

A week ago Friday we traveled to Sheridan's house for the Adoption Option meeting. After a late Friday evening and Sheridan being a little under the weather, Saturday was declared a pajama day and we all hung out in our PJ's until after lunch. The boys had a great time playing together. The wagon was a hit.
Sheridan pull, Micah ride!
The boys put on an impromptu concert on the hearth.

Then this past Friday, Sheridan and his family traveled to our house. We asked Uncle Michael to take some family pictures on Saturday. So they came down on Friday night for dinner and to spend the night.
Micah and Sheridan enjoyed their flashlights and light sticks to dispel the darkness.
Flashdance! What a feeling!

On Saturday we set off on our golf cart to find some cool spots to take pictures in nature. We took pictures in several locations around a small lake near our home. Michael was beyond patient with our little model as he decided quickly that he was all done pictures!
And, smile!
Meanwhile, back on the golf cart...

Adoption Option

We are excited at the prospects for the new incarnation of our First Fridays group. At our last meeting we had a potluck dinner (and boy were we lucky!). After our dinner we talked about what we would like to see for the future of this group. One thing was quickly agreed upon. We don't want to lose touch with these people who have become friends through this adoption journey. We agreed on a concept and a name: Adoption Option - International Families touched by Adoption.

Thanks to Michael, Kim and Donna for their work spearheading this group. Join us on our journey in faith by joining Adoption Option through the Yahoo Group AdoptOption.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Blessing of the Animals

On Sunday we took Libby to the Blessing of the Animals at church. Libby received her blessing and Micah went from dog to cat to dog, petting each one. He even got to pet a bunny rabbit. He also saw one of his favorite people, Pastor Miriam.
Here is a picture that appeared in the local paper from last year. Pastor Miriam blessed Libby during midst of her puppy chemotherapy. We are so grateful for our little cancer survivor.

The End of (another) Era

It was a year ago that I wrote a post titled The End of An Era. That was when our First Fridays Group stopped meeting at the home of the hosts, the Chapmans and moved to North Metro Church. This year, I am sad to write another post as our First Fridays group stops meeting in its current configuration.

We owe so much to the Chapmans who taught us, loved us and held our hands through the roughest spots in this adoption journey. We treasure the friends we have made and the playmates that Micah enjoys. While we are sad that we've lost our gracious hosts, we are grateful for the dear friends we have met and the difference they have made in our lives. We hope to maintain our connection to those who have played such an important role for us.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


We had a great playdate with Kai, Chloe and Cassidy. I forgot my camera, but you can Check out pictures at Our Big Crazy Family. So much cuteness I can hardly stand it!

Dragonboat Races

We had a great time watching the Dragonboat Races here in town. Jen and Ricky from Somewhere Over the Rainbow came over to go to the races with us. Micah and Ricky had so much fun playing with Frisbees and eating orange chicken from Panda Express. Ricky was so adorable. That's probably why I have pictures of him, but no pictures of the boats!
Jen and Ricky.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Walk from Domestic Violence

Last Friday, we all packed up the stroller and participated in the Promise Place Walk from Domestic Violence. No one should have to suffer from abuse in the home. We were glad to be able to support this cool organization.

Budding Percussionist

One of Micah's great loves is music. Thanks to Panina, he has some really cool percussion instruments. Here is Micah during his Saturday morning set, grooving to a preview of Graceflock's new CD!
These make lots of noise.
So, Morocco is the country and maracas are the instrument, right?
And now for my big finish!