Saturday, July 13, 2013

This is what's been going on in my head:

"I really should start blogging again.  I need to write a little catch up post to tell people what's been going on since I've written."

Time passes

"I never did write that post. I should write a few paragraphs describing what's gone on in my life."

More time passes.

"Hmmm...  I still haven't written.  I really owe some detailed post.  I should write a month-by-month summary of what has happened in my life.

And yet more time passes.

And here I am.  So overwhelmed by what I should write, that I haven't written.  It's getting worse every day.  So I'm going to bite the bullet, make a post and move on. 

My family in bullet points:
  • Me:  Stay-at-home mom. Home daycare. Knit obsessed.  Dabbling in knitwear design.
  • Bruce:  Still active duty Army.  Deputy G4.  Busier than ever.  Best dad in the world.
  • Micah:  Nearly second grade. Video game crazed.  Star Wars fanatic.  Swims like a fish. Starting orthodontics.
  • Noah: Last year of preschool.  Talking like crazy.  Full of cuteness.  Melting hearts. 
OK, I can go from here.