Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Small Stuff

I read this post today from one of the bloggers on Military SpouseBuzz: Ever Sweat the Small Stuff?. I love the part where she says, "Nothing is normal during deployment. Everything is normal during deployment. Some things are important; most others aren't. Many times, it will be hard to tell the difference."

As she said, sometimes you're so busy handling the big things, you don't have time to freak out. Then when you get a moment to reflect - bam! Major freak-out.

I've had a couple of freak-outs, mostly over small stuff that I could handle any other time. When my 12 year-old car made it clear that I would have to make some repairs or replace the car, I freaked out. What's the big deal? It's a car. Periodically, you have to fix it or get a newer one. But I've treated the decision to trade in this car like a life-altering event. Should we fix it? Should we buy new or used? Is it time for a minivan? Should we consider a hybrid? Each question becoming a larger and larger mountain.

I have a business degree. I could prepare a decision matrix. I could even just go for it and buy a new car. Instead, this decision paralyzed me - one more part of my life on hold because HunnyB isn't here. But recently we made the decision to retire the old car and buy a new one. I am finally free!

I've come to the conclusion that the rules need an amendment for deployment.

Rule 1: Don't sweat the small stuff.
Rule 2: It's all small stuff.
Rule 3: Rules were made to be broken. Sometimes you're gonna sweat the small stuff. Be patient and forgive yourself when you do.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What drink are you?

If you were an alcoholic drink, what would you be? Here's a fun little survey. I was turned onto this by my friend at PickleChatter. Thanks, S!

You Are Beer
You drink to have fun and let loose. Simple as that.And you aren't picky about what you drink, though you can appreciate a quality brew.Casual and down to earth, you can hang with the guys more easily than the girls.You prefer to date a man who is manly, direct, and sure of what he wants.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Half a song

Today, we held a ceremony for two reservists killed in action in Iraq. They died, as they lived, as Soldiers. My thoughts go out to their families who will feel the loss most acutely. I hope you will take time to think about the military men and women who have answered the call to duty and are serving their country in this effort. A reading from today's ceremony:

If you would know the reason why
But half a song I bring
I have -- alas, I must reply --
But half a song to sing
It was in battle that he fell
In pain I had to learn
The Soldier that I loved so well
My friend, will not return

Monday, January 22, 2007

Take a Number

Imagine that you arrive at the deli on a busy Saturday morning. The place is crowded because lots of people want some yummy corned beef or honey roasted turkey. This deli is very popular because they're known for offering wonderful food and for efficient service. You see the sign on the counter. It says, "take a number."

So you take one. Your number is 8/10/06. The signs says "now serving 9/27/05." What does that mean for me? You approach the person at the counter who's holding a ticket saying 9/27. "How long did you wait?" He says "Fifteen and a half minutes. But the person who held 9/1 only waited fourteen and a half minutes. So the wait is getting longer."

But you want corned beef. You have a taste for it, have been craving it, really want it. So you sit down to wait. You look around the room. It's very crowded. Some people are waiting patiently. Some are extremely agitated. Some are so annoyed by the wait that they leave for the deli accross the street. Maybe that will make the wait shorter. Who knows? At least you have a number and a place in line.

You decide to make the best of the wait. You introduce yourself to others who are waiting. There are lots of nice people to talk to while you wait. Before you know it, they're calling your number. And the corned beef is so worth it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


ABC, a little 'bout me...
A - Available or taken: quite taken
B - Best Friend: Hunny B is my very best friend
C - Cake or Pie: Cake please, with extra frosting
D - Dog’s Name: Lady Byng
E - Essential Item I Use Everyday: Computer
F - Favorite T.V. Show: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds
G - Favorite Game: Dominos
H - Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
I - Instruments I Play: piano and violin
J - Favorite Juice: cranberry
K - Kid's Names: none yet!
L - Last Place I Ate: El Ranchero
M - Marriage: married to the most wonderful man for almost two years
N - Number of siblings: one
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P - Phobias or Fears: claustrophobic
Q - Quote: "Age is not important. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"
R - Reason to smile: God loves me
S - Sport: hockey
T - Time I Woke Up Today: 7:30 when Lady climbed on my chest
U - Current Underwear: Victoria's Secret
V - Vegetable You Love: steamed broccoli with lemon thyme
W - Worst Habit: Interrupting
X - X-rays I Have Had: knee, before surgery last year; ankle after skiing; face after being struck by a softball (BTW, it should be called bigger ball cuz it's not soft!)
Y - Yummy Food I love: Vegetarian Platter C at El Ranchero
Z - Zodiac: Capricorn

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ow - in a good way!

My self-improvement project for the next month is to take a Pilates class through the local parks and rec department. After completing my first class, I can feel muscles that I've haven't used in a while, even though I've been exercising regularly. As B likes to say, "Ow - in a good way!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Five Month Anniversary

Another milestone. Today we celebrate five months since being logged in by China. Insert pointless rambling about the unknown wait time...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stork Alert!

The stork is flying, bringing referrals to those who were logged in through September 27, 2005. They are 19 days closer to making referrals for our LID!

Congratulations to all who will be getting that precious picture this week. We continue to inch toward our own little one.

Monday, January 01, 2007

3-2-1.... Happy New Year!

It's a new year! A new calendar on the wall just waiting to be scribbled on. What will this year bring? Will we be parents before the stroke of midnight on December 31? Looking forward with great anticipation to whatever comes our way this year.

I was able to talk with B at the stroke of midnight - twice. Once when he rang in the New Year in Kuwait and again at midnight Eastern Standard Time. How cool is that?