Monday, March 26, 2007

Let time fly!

I'm finally counting down to the big day. No, not in our journey to adopt our child, but in Hunny B's journey home. I'm no longer counting in months, but now I'm counting in weeks or even days. While I don't know exactly when he'll arrive, I expect it will be in less than four weeks. Let this time fly!

I'm looking forward to life getting back to normal for a while. It will be different having him around, but I'm excited for the transition. I'll have to move some shoes so he can fit his in the closet!


Shandra said...

SO happy for the 2 of you. Hope times flies for you both!

amy said...

Loved this post..we are thrilled for you

Mark and Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness. How wonderful for you. May he return home safely soon. Can't wait to see you blog pictures of the thw of you together again. Hang in there!


Jay & Angela said...

We're praying he is home soon!! We just found your blog and we'll be following it!! Hope to see you at the next FF!