Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Magic Eight (months LID) Ball

Stork Alert: Unfortunately this month's stork was sickly and weak. He was only able to carry referrals for two days of log-ins. Referrals arrived for those with log-ins through October 26, 2005. This leaves several of our friends just beyond the cutoff. My heart goes out especially to J & A as they come to terms with waiting yet another month for that precious picture. We're praying that you will have peace, my friends.

Today is also the eight month anniversary of our log in date. In honor of our eight month anniversary, I thought I'd ask the Magic Eight Ball if we would see when we might expect a referral. With 288 log-in days ahead of us, this is the answer I got.


Jay & Angela said...

Congrats on having 8 months behind you! Every month brings you closer to your daughter! Thank you for your prayers. We are praying for you too!

Shandra said...

Happy 8th! We too just passed 8!

Kathy and Joel said...

Happy eighth month!!! We'll be right there with you tomorrow. :)