Friday, April 18, 2008

A boy and his dog

Wow - two months ago today we met our little guy for the first time. It's amazing how that feels like just yesterday. At the same time, it feels like he's been part of our lives for so much longer.

To celebrate, here's a slideshow of our "kids."


Kim said...

Gosh, where has the last 2 months gone? You all are doing such a great job as parents and Micah is THRIVING! Enjoy every minute for Micah will grow up so fast. Love ya lots.

Lily Makes 3 said...

Kids and dogs are the best!!

Steph said...

This touches me! You know how I feel about a boy's relationship with his dog!! I do truly think animals help bridge that gap in the transition process... And all my husband talks about is that day when they'll sleep together. I'll have to show him these pics of Micah with his pup. Best buddies forever!