Monday, October 13, 2008

There and here

Sheridan is Micah's bud. The boys love playing together. Within a week we were able to visit Sheridan there at his house and here at Micah's house.

A week ago Friday we traveled to Sheridan's house for the Adoption Option meeting. After a late Friday evening and Sheridan being a little under the weather, Saturday was declared a pajama day and we all hung out in our PJ's until after lunch. The boys had a great time playing together. The wagon was a hit.
Sheridan pull, Micah ride!
The boys put on an impromptu concert on the hearth.

Then this past Friday, Sheridan and his family traveled to our house. We asked Uncle Michael to take some family pictures on Saturday. So they came down on Friday night for dinner and to spend the night.
Micah and Sheridan enjoyed their flashlights and light sticks to dispel the darkness.
Flashdance! What a feeling!

On Saturday we set off on our golf cart to find some cool spots to take pictures in nature. We took pictures in several locations around a small lake near our home. Michael was beyond patient with our little model as he decided quickly that he was all done pictures!
And, smile!
Meanwhile, back on the golf cart...


amy said...

loved all of these guys rock!

Steph said...

Micah and Sheridan are so adorable together (just imagine the mischief in the years to come!!)

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

Those two are so cute together!

Ron said...

Great pics, looks like a good time.