Monday, June 01, 2009

Growing and Changing

I could probably start each and every blog post with an apology for not posting more often. I think I'll just forgo that part and give you some cute pictures showing how Micah is growing and changing!

We literally go miles with Micah his trike. His favorite thing to say: "Mama go for a walk. Baba go for a walk. Libby go for a walk. Micah ride bike!"
Such a handsome boy.
Micah loves to "read." He will name each letter in the word, and tell you what sound each letter makes. Then he will tell you the word says, "Micah!"


amy said...

he is wonderful..we mis you

The Straight's said...

Sure hope we get to see Micah before he is all grown up!!

Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. Micah is such a sweet boy. He just fits right in with your family. So glad to see that he is thriving.

Donna said...

it is amazing how he's growing up, especially since I remember him from the beginning :)