Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

It was time for a 4th of July tradition, the Peachtree City 4th of July Parade. Ashley and Cole came over early in the morning. We picked up Tiffany, Tasha and Jennifer on the way and our little golf cart caravan made our way across town. We got there early to stake out our spot along the parade route. There were golf carts lining the road as far as the eye could see!
The boys had time to share a snack.
Finally the parade started. Micah loved the firetrucks.
But the sirens were a little too loud.
We all got to partake in popsicles handed out by the Fayette Piedmont Hospital.
At the end, we all piled back on the golf carts and joined the parade of golf carts driving home.


amy said...

Sounds like a totally fabulous day.Hey, are yall headed up to SR tomorrow?

Shanna said...

Awwwww! I feel like I missed out! I haven't missed the PTC 4th parade in so many years! Glad y'all had a great time (: