Thursday, October 07, 2010

One Week Home

One week ago today we were on our way home.  Our life is fuller and busier that we could have imagined.  What a blessing Noah is to our family.  

The first few nights were pretty rough.  Both boys woke up repeatedly and Mama, especially, got very little sleep.  Micah developed a fever which lasted throughout the weekend.  No other symptoms, just a high temperature that left him tired and cranky.  Combined with jealously over his new brother, Micah wasn't much fun to be around.  
Noah had a rough time sleeping for the first couple of nights.  He would wake up and just cry until Mama stood and rocked him back to sleep.  Micah had night terrors almost every night which are just heartbreaking to watch. 
But it has gotten better.  The last two nights Noah has only woken once.  Micah sleeps in his own bed until he wakes around 4am when he climbed into Mama and Baba's bed and slept until morning.  We can live this way!
Noah is adjusting well to his surroundings.  He loves the slide in the back yard.  He can walk, run, climb a stair or two.  He eats like a football player.  We do have to watch him as choice food gets squirreled into his cheeks to save for later.  He loves to play with Tupperware and Rubbermaid bowls.  His favorite toys are the Elmo remote control, Happy Goat cell phone (from China), Mama's hand-held Solitaire game and whatever Micah is playing with.  He has said "Mama," something that sounds like "Baba," and "Lao Lao."  He waves bye-bye and signed "more" once when he wanted more bananas. 

Micah has struggled with jet lag and being jealous of Noah.  He covets Mama's attention, wanting Mama to feed him at dinner.  He went back to school Tuesday which seems to be helping some.  We're trying to show him some special attention each day so he doesn't feel replaced. 

Lao Lao and Lao Ye (Grandma and Grandpa) had a great time visiting with their grandsons. I know they waited a long time to be grandparents and they are really enjoying it! 


Lindy said...

So glad to hear that Noah is settling in well. How sweet that your parents came down to welcome Noah home. I'm sorry that Micah is having a hard time sharing Mama with his new brother. Praying that Micah will adjust to the changes soon. Noah is a certainly a beautiful little boy.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

laura said...

Hi, guys!! I am so incredibly happy for you! I don't know HOW I do not have your blog in my reader, but now it will be added!

Noah looks like he fits just perfectly in your he was meant to be there all along.

May God bless each beautiful moment for the 4 of you.


Laura (Hoffman)

Julie said...

Whose parents are the grandparents? I love the pics with them and the boys. I hope the jealous phase goes by quickly.

Special K said...

Julie, those are my parents. They were able to meet us at the airport and stay at our house for a week. It was a huge help!

Liz said...

How exciting- we are so happy for your family of 4- Noah is precious and Micah looks like he is going to be a wonderful big brother

Hello from Destin, FL
Take care sweet family of 4
Liz Dan Zach and Michelle

Lay Down Life said...

We had no idea you guys returned to China for a second child. How was the process compared to the first? Did you have to start all over with dossier?