Saturday, December 23, 2006

The calm before the storm

As part of my holiday tour, I spent a couple of days with my friends in Toledo. I woke up one morning to hear the happy bustle of the house. I could hear the kids running around getting ready, squabbling, teasing, laughing. I dug myself deeper under the cover and just lay there, enjoying the sounds of family, knowing that as soon as I stirred from the bed, I would be swept into the fray. I loved it there in the dark, enjoying the calm before the storm.

I'm trying to muster the same feelings about our adoption. I'm sitting back, watching and listening to families with children, not yet being a part of it all. I know that once our referal comes, we will be thrown into the thick of things. I may wistfully remember these quiet times. Can I enjoy the calm before our adoption storm?
(photo by Tim Smith)

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