Saturday, January 20, 2007


ABC, a little 'bout me...
A - Available or taken: quite taken
B - Best Friend: Hunny B is my very best friend
C - Cake or Pie: Cake please, with extra frosting
D - Dog’s Name: Lady Byng
E - Essential Item I Use Everyday: Computer
F - Favorite T.V. Show: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds
G - Favorite Game: Dominos
H - Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
I - Instruments I Play: piano and violin
J - Favorite Juice: cranberry
K - Kid's Names: none yet!
L - Last Place I Ate: El Ranchero
M - Marriage: married to the most wonderful man for almost two years
N - Number of siblings: one
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P - Phobias or Fears: claustrophobic
Q - Quote: "Age is not important. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"
R - Reason to smile: God loves me
S - Sport: hockey
T - Time I Woke Up Today: 7:30 when Lady climbed on my chest
U - Current Underwear: Victoria's Secret
V - Vegetable You Love: steamed broccoli with lemon thyme
W - Worst Habit: Interrupting
X - X-rays I Have Had: knee, before surgery last year; ankle after skiing; face after being struck by a softball (BTW, it should be called bigger ball cuz it's not soft!)
Y - Yummy Food I love: Vegetarian Platter C at El Ranchero
Z - Zodiac: Capricorn

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