Monday, May 07, 2007

Help all the mommies and daddies not to be sad...

What a blessing our First Fridays group is. Though we have to travel over an hour to the meetings, it is well worth it. First Fridays is a meeting the First Friday of each month (duh!) for families who are adopting or who have adopted from China. It's a wonderful time of fellowship and support.

This month, a professor from Kennesaw State University joined us. He played songs on his Erhu or Chinese violin. You would recognized the sound if you heard it. It only has two strings, but still has so much range. Though I haven't picked up my violin in years, he let me play the Erhu and I was able to play a scale after only a few attempts. The first sounds reminded me of my early violin lessons. Mom, the screeching must have gotten to you so badly as it was bugging me in just those few moments. Sorry 'bout that!

The main presentation was by a father who has adopted two little girls from China. He reminded us to pray for our children even though we don't yet know who they are. His oldest daughter said a prayer for the waiting families there. "Help the angels to play with the babies and help all the mommies and daddies not to be sad." I was crying, but I wasn't sad.

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amy said...

Wasnt it the most beautiful evening? We cried as well, just happy tears