Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged Again- it's like recess!

I have been tagged again by Amy. This one's pretty fun.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Hmmm... may 1997.. Managing UT's EMBA program, traveling on an international trip an EMBA class.

What were you doing 1 year ago? Paperchasing for our current adoption. We spent a relaxing weekend in Brunswick, GA with friends.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. M&Ms
2. Snyder's of Hanover Pumpernickel & Jalapeno Cheddar pretzel sandwiches
3. Snyder's of Hanover Honey BBQ pretzel pieces
4. Reese's Cups
5. Dark chocolate

Five songs that you know all the lyrics:
I'm sure I know more than five, so here are the first five I thought of.
1. Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
2. My Heart is Lost to You by Brooks and Dunn
3. Honey, I'm Home by Shania Twain
4. Like the Way I Do by Melissa Etheridge
5. Star Spangled Banner (third verse)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Quit work and be a mommy.
2. Donate money to find cures for diabetes, breast cancer and arthritis
3. Buy a bigger house
4. Travel the country visiting family and friends.
5. Write a book (jointly with HunnyB).

Five bad habits:
1. Snacking after work
2. Cracking my knuckles
3. Not cooking and eating out (I share this one with Amy)
4. Hitting the snooze button
5. Forgetting my sunscreen

Five things you like doing:
1. Reading
2. Hanging out with HunnyB
3. Vacationing near any body of water (pool/beach/lake)
4. Eating out (especially on a patio or outdoors)
5. Grilling in the backyard

Five things you would never wear again:
1. Denim jumpsuit from when I was in Junior High (I thought I was so cool!)
2. Tube top
3. 5 inch heels
4. Ruffled top with a mini skirt and ballet flats (what were we thinking?!?!)
5. Leg warmers

Five favorite toys:
1. Computer
2. Electronic sudoku game
3. Puzzles
4. Dolls
5. Handheld solitaire game

Feel free to tag yourself!


amy said...

thanks for participating...I liked this one as well..

See ya on Friday

Mark and Rebecca said...

It was fun to get to know more about you!

I am with you on the dark chocolate and Snyders. Yum!

It was good to see you on Friday night. Glad your trip went well. Sounds like fun!

Shandra said...

I was in San Antonio when you were in Austin...at least I think you mean U of Texas.

Special K said...

Oops - My UT was the University of Toledo!