Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I've decided to join in the Thursday Thirteen Madness. Come along, if you dare!

Thirteen Things about being an Army Wife

1. You know which laundry detergents can be used on the new ACUs.
2. You call people sir or ma'am without being snarky.
3. Your dusting rags are old brown t-shirts.
4. When you walk before sunrise, you wear hubby's reflector belt.
5. You smile in disbelief when the show Army Wives depicts a close friendship between a COL(p)'s wife and a PFC's wife.
6. You know what the (p) in COL(p) means.
7. You got smacked on the backside with a sabre when you got married.
8. The world stops at 1700 for retreat.
9. You know the military alphabet - alpha, bravo, charlie, etc.
10. When hubbys asks if you're OK, you reply hooah!.
11. Outstanding is better than excellent.
12. All mechanical things in the house break when hubby is deployed.
13. You have to hit the Class VI before the weekend.

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amy said...

MIchael participated as well. Be careful its addictive. I miss you my friend, welcome to Thursday Thirteen. I enjoyed your list this week!

Mark and Rebecca said...

Too funny!

Can you email us? We'd like to send you an email re: First Friday.