Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day!

The best Labor Day present for any prospective China adoptive parent would be a referral! Congrats to my friend Tracy who made the cut. Referrals cover through November 25, 2005. This leaves only 258 log in days ahead of us.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on voth your blog and mine! I am so glad that you have followed our journey for so long, and I will continue to follow yours for those 258 days ahead of you, and beyond! Hang in there!!

LID 11/22/05 - Now!!

Mark and Rebecca said...

Happy Labor Day, and congrats to your friend Tracy! How wonderful it is to see families being formed!

amy said...

I do love to share in these moments. Cant wait to see you and catch up! Its been too long!