Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Meditations

I've missed posting Monday Meditations the last few weeks, but I wanted to be sure I hit it this week.
1. Shelby is home with her family and making the transition to life in the US.
2. Ricky will soon meet his forever family.
3. I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping.
1. Our agency received a list of over 40 children to be matched with prospective parents. Pray for those in the Waiting Child Department as they work to make the best matches.
2. We seek patience and peace as we wait to learn if our child is on that list.
3. Traveling mercies for our family traveling to our home for Thanksgiving.
4. My friend who's recovering from Leukemia is in the hospital with an infection.


amy said...

WE are praying along with you and praising with you at the same time!

CJ and Donna said...

We are so thankful to have our little on home-thanks for all the prayers. Hoping and praying that you find your little one soon!