Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Next steps

What happens next for us?
  • Today we submitted our Letter of Intent (a letter to the CCAA in China expressing our desire to adopt Wei Jian Tong) to our agency.
  • Our agency will translate and forward our LOI to China.
  • Several weeks later we may receive a pre-approval (PA) or they may skip that step. They will move our dossier to the SN section (I can only imagine finding it could be a challenge with so many dossiers waiting).
  • Then we wait. At least we have practice at waiting! LOL! They will review our dossier and if we're approved, issue a Letter Seeking Confirmation, commonly referred to as a letter of acceptance (LOA). The wait to LOA seems to vary greatly and according to variables only known to the CCAA. It could take anywhere from 2-6 months. We hope to be on the shorter end of that timeline since our file has already passed review in China.
  • Once we sign and return the LOA, three weeks later we'll get our Travel Authorization (TA).
  • After TA we can schedule consulate appointment and request our visas.
And where exactly is Tong Tong?

He's in the Tianjin Children's Welfare Institute, in Tianjin City. Home to 300 children, roughly 90% with disabilities, this is one of the better-maintained government orphanages. It is located in the city of Tianjin, roughly two hours southeast of Beijing by train. The children range in age from newborn babies to late teenagers. They live in comparatively good conditions and have access to facilities such as a performance hall, musical instruments, a children's playground, and a small yard for sports.

We've come across two other families who received referrals from Tianjin this week. They both have been matched with sons with repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. Could the boys all be buddies in the orphanage? Could we all travel together? Stay tuned and check out their blogs: Ladybugs, Motherhood and Other Musings and The Barry Family. And forging the way for all of us, the Lewises leave tomorrow morning to pick up their son from Tianjin. He also has repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. I think it's cool that the boys all share surnames and generational names.


The Evans Family said...

Sit down and write your to-do list and check off things as you accomplish them. One thing you can do is call the cranio-facial team and get an appointment for your sweet boy! That will make his coming home so real and you will have a date to strive for.....I am so thrilled that this little boy is coming HOME!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I see that you also know the Lewis's that are leaving for Beijing tomorrow... I was only down at their house the other day... it had taken me quiet a while to break down Emily's walls when she got here and now I have to work on David's - I am really looking forward to getting to meet David...

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Praying for a speedy end of the journey!

Eric & Heather said...

We'll be saying prayers for a fast LOA, TA, and then quick travel!! We can't wait to see you all together as a family! He's adorable!!!

See you Friday!

amy said...


YOur emails keep bouncing so I wanted to make sure you knew were having dinner at La Dolce Vita at 530-545 tomorrow..Its realy close to the church..Anyone else going to First Friday is welcome!

Suzie said...

We just received our referral for our second daughter from China. She is also from Tianjin. Maybe we'll see you there. Check out our blog if you'd like:

Good luck!