Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

Today was Good Friday and a good Friday for our family as well. We had run over a nail with the Jeep so this morning we went to the tire store to get a new one. Of course they have to order our special Jeep tire and it won't be in until next week. (Um, I guess that wasn't the good part). They were also unable to fix the tire on Micah's little truck that keeps falling off. He looked at all of the tires in the store, but they were all too big. It was too cute.

Then we all packed up into the PT Cruiser and went to work with Baba. We had fun visiting with all the people there. Micah thought it was a little funny that everyone dressed like Baba. We had lunch at the PX and Micah took a nap on the way home. He was still asleep when we got home and I wasn't willing to break up a good nap so I put the seat back and napped along with him.

After nap we packed everybody back into the car and went to church for the cross walk. About 60 people walked from church to a local park carrying two crosses to symbolize Christ's walk to Golgotha. Micah had blast riding along in his stroller. We opted to walk back to the church as well and had some fun family time.

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FHL said...

I've never heard of a cross walk before- what a wonderful way of remembering.

Hope your family has a wonderful Easter!