Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nine Months Together

Bath time in China...
Nine months later....

Well, it hardly seems like it, but it's been nine months since that cold day in Tianjin when Micah wandered into that conference room and into our hearts and lives. The personality he showed that day has not really changed. He is cheerful and playful, except when he's not happy. Then you don't want to be around him. That was true in China and is true today.

Micah's language is impressive to me. He knows so many words and uses them to talk constantly. His speech continues to improve. He has speech therapy three times a week at the elementary school. He LOVES his therapist and I think that is the key to the progress he has made. He is able to say H's, and P's fairly consistently and can say K's, W's, F's and T's when the mood strikes him. Those take quite a bit of concentration for our little guy. We've made very little progress on B's despite working on them every day.

We are having him blow bubbles to work on his breath control (we want it out the mouth, rather than out the nose). So now bath time is bubble time and he'll let us know if we forget to get out the bubbles. Micah's first name for himself was Nuh. For a long weekend he was MayMe. Now he is Nicah. We're still having problems with the M sound when followed by the hard C.

We are starting to make the transition to solo sleeping. (Are there enough hedge words in there?) It's going to be a long road. I am trying to use an approach that is consistent with the reason we were co-sleeping in the first place. Mama or Baba still lay down with him at night until he is asleep and then he sleeps solo until he wakes up. He will ususally come get us or climb into our bed at that point. We're not there yet, but we're taking steps.


amy said...

im so proud of all of you. what a gorgeous family

Kevin and Violet said...

Very cool. 9 months already? Doesn't seem that long ago. Then again, it's hard to believe we have been home more than a month now.
Congratulations on the progress made with the language skills.

Kevin and Violet

Donna said...

Sounds like real progress all around...way to go on taking that step to independent sleeping! Must be nice for you to have the bed to yourself! Give Micah kisses and squeezes from Lainey!