Saturday, December 27, 2008

Micah's First Christmas

Santa brought me a big blue truck and a toolbox! Micah's day started with presents from Santa where he received exactly what he had asked for. He was excited to show everyone that Santa had eaten all of the milk and cookies we had left out, too. After a Christmas breakfast, we went to the tree to open presents. Micah really enjoyed opening his gifts and helping everyone else with their gifts, too. We opened presents in three phases to avoid completely overwhelming him (or us!). Here is Micah's day in pictures... I'm ready for my solo.Lao Lao and Lao Ye gave me more cars for my Thomas train. We've been counting down days until "Lao Lao and Lao Ye see Micah" since before Halloween. Micah is thrilled to spend time with them.
Micah loves his new shirts!Taking a break....Phase three included Uncle Kurt - hooray!Uncle Kurt gave me more Thomas Train cars and track!Christmas is good to doggies too!


amy said...

Its so nice to see his sweet little face all lit up

happy new year, see ya next week

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

What a special morning! Go Santa!

FHL said...

Looks like a fun day!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Forever Family

Glad to see you had a Wonderful Christmas and that you are heading for Great New Year

Dallas, Alex and Panina