Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dessert With Daddy

Last week, Micah and Baba enjoyed going to Dessert with Daddy at preschool. The evening started with yummy desserts.

Then the boys got to make a sweet Valentine's Card for Mama.
Mrs. Kendall is so good with Micah. Micah learned to say, "I love you this much!"
This is how southerners do snow. It's some funky stuff you mix with water to make snow. The snow actually packs and the boys made a snowman. It's not like the snow I grew up with, but it will have to do.
A very tuckered-out boy showing his Valentine card. When he got home, he ran into the house shouting "Happy Valentines Day, Mama!"


Katie said...

How sweet. A treasure you'll always have.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

What a fun night for Micah and his dad!

Steph said...

So much fun! I love any event where daddy and son can have special time together. It's so important! Glad to see they had a great time.

Ron said...

Very nice! I can send you some real snow if you want some.