Monday, February 16, 2009

Forever Family Week-Then and Now

One year ago today. The anticipation of meeting Micah in 2 days was greater than the challenge of climbing the Great Wall. We were eagerly looking forward to both adventures.
Mama and Micah on the beach at Hilton Head playing in the sand. Funny how one year changes your life forever. Micah is in practically every picture now. When we look back at last year's pictures we notice something missing. That something was Micah. Now we are a family eagerly anticipating the trials and joys of bringing up Micah in a world full of opportunities as vast as the ocean is wide.


Shanna said...

Happy Forever Family day!! Wow! has it really been a year?? Amazing.
Okay, let's celebrate this week! I love not having the winter break from school. Let me know if you have an open day :)
Hugs to you~
Shanna and "KaiChloe"

amy said...

you are such a wonderful momma

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Did you have any concept of how your life was about to change? Crazy, huh? It has been a joy to see you enjoy this past year. Happy Forever Family week.

Katie said...

Happy Forever Family week to a very special family who I am so glad we were in China with!!

redmaryjanes said...

He is just an angel. I know how much you love him. He's irresistible and gives the best little hugs!
Happy Forever Family Day!
From Eli's Mom and Dad.

Kevin and Violet said...

Wow, a year already! Congratulations!!

Kevin and Violet