Wednesday, February 03, 2010


If you look at the blog, it probably seems that all we do here is eat ice cream. LOL But it's true that our after school snack is often a popsicle or push-up because Goldfish or other crunchy snacks are off limits.

Ashley asked how Micah's palate and throat looks. I have been trying to get a picture of the healing stitches and haven't had too much success. I guess I'm not a good enough photographer to take a picture of a dark cave with a camera that is larger than the opening. I can't get the flash to illuminate the part I want to see. Below is the best picture. You can see the stitches behind his tongue. The opening back there seems pretty small. No wonder he is snoring. It does seem better as the swelling has gone down.

Micah still snores off and on every night. The quality of sleep has improved significantly, but he still wakes a couple of times every night. The night terrors seems to have left us. Hooray! We visit the surgeon tomorrow for his assessment of the healing and to find out when we can start introducing a regular diet.

The whole point of this procedure was to improve his speech. We are hearing great improvements in /b/, /p/, /d/, /t/, and /s/. We've even heard a couple of /k/ sounds! That part appears to be a success.


redmaryjanes said...

Sending lots of love to Micah!

Katie said...

Glad the healing is going well! :) Yay for new, better sounds!!!!!!!!!

Lindy D. said...

Micah doesn't look too unhappy to be eating ice cream for a snack! So glad the sounds are improving, as was hoped for. Can he tell that his speech as changed? I'm glad he has loving parents to see him through all this.

bluefrg04 said...

Thanks for trying to get a picture! I was able to get somewhat of a picture of my son too but it took FOREVER. I am having trouble posting to my blog, but I hope to add some pics soon. I'm so happy you have noticed speech improvement! My son, Ryley, said everything with an M and now I hear b's and p's...I am so excited as well. Last night was a rough night for us. He woke up 5 times and is to the point where he cries now when he wakes up. I am worried, b/c as more days go by he seems more and more tired and yawning all day. I hope that things will go as your sons has and things will get better....we're now 10 days post op. As for all the ice cream, I am not so sure I'll ever be able to talk ryley into a normal diet again! haha :)