Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food and Family Fun

Cooking food for a soft diet can be a challenge. I try to serve a variety of nutritious foods, but this has put a crimp on our meal routine. The Mickey Mouse pancakes that Kim suggested were a huge hit. Micah did a happy dance around the kitchen at the sight of these. Micah has also enjoyed push-up's ice cream, or as he calls them, "Pull-Ups."
Poor long-suffering Libby.Lia, the stray cat who has been hanging around our place. We started feeding her and now she keeps coming back every day


La Dolce Vita said...

Love those MIckey cupcakes! Glad little Micah is getting better. :)

Lindy said...

Cute MM pancakes. Glad they made Micah happy.
Looks like Lia is ready to join the family!

bluefrg04 said...

Hi, found your blog by googling sphincter pharyngoplasty. My son just had the same surgery at Scottish Rite by Dr. Williams on Wed the 27th. We are having the same issues as you as far as the excessive snoring. My son wakes several times but no crying. I watch him take a few breaths with resistance to then break suction and gulp in air. He eventually settles into a pattern of snoring without resistance, but it's still a little worrying. I hope, as you, that this will lessen over time. My son has a pretty large chunk of skin hanging in the back of his throat, how does your sons look? i am not sure it looks normal. I have read of incedences of the flaps coming loose but I may just be being paranoid! Sorry to babble on, hope all goes smoothly for your son.