Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Article 5

Our Article 5 was issued last Thursday.  That is the last step before China will issue our Travel Authorization (TA).  That will happen in the next 2-4 weeks.  And 1-4 weeks from then, we'll be on our way to China!   WooHoo!  Better start working that packing list!!!!

We are excited to finally hold Noah in our arms.  Please be in prayer that our TA is issued quickly as there are a number of holidays, a trade fair and the Pan Asian games in China from the end of September through November that could make travel dicey (read expensive). 


Tara Anderson said...

Oh!!! I am SO excited for you...and a little jealous, too. :) I'll be praying for that TA to come quickly. The trip is expensive enough without throwing the Trade Fair and the Games into the mix. And of course, there's the little issue of you getting that precious boy into your arms as soon as possible!!!

Lindy said...

Yeah!! Hope the travel schedule works in your favor! Will Micah be going with you?

Special K said...

Yep, Micah will be traveling with us. I think the trip will be good for him to experience.