Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Yarn Along

At a friend's suggestion, I am going to participate in Ginny's Yarn Along.  It seems that a lot of knitters are readers too.  Or is it readers who are knitters...?  Anyways the idea is to post a picture of what your knitting and what your reading. 

Right now I am really working on this little beaded shawl.  I started this last year as part of a mystery knit-along at Sugarfoot Yarns last year.  However my lace skills weren't up to the task and it ended up sitting in the basket for the last 11 months.  I'm on a mission to finish WIPs (works in progress) so I resurrected this one.  I'm a better knitter than I was a year ago and it's going much better this time.  The pattern is Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf by Sivia Hardin.  The border features little hearts, perfect for Valentine's Day.   Edited to add a close-up to show the beading.

I'm also knitting heart shaped dishcloths to give as Valentine's gifts!  This is a quick and easy pattern and is giving me a break from knitting lace.

I'm reading Crush by Alan Jacobson.  It was a Free Friday download from Barnes and Noble.  This is the second book featuring profiler Karen Vail (think Criminal Minds).  It's a good read and has kept me up later than is wise a couple of nights.


Carol said...

Love the colors in the scarf. Are the beads only at the ends? I've crocheted in beads but never knitted them. The dishcloths will be lovely Valentine's gifts. Finishing WIP is wonderful, isn't it. That's one of my 2011 goals, too.

My yarn along link is

Kathryn said...

The scarf and beads look amazing! So glad you participated!

Special K said...

The beads are at the top and bottom of the hearts and along the edge. They don't show up very well in the picture.

Debi Miller said...

Thank-you so much for the link to the dishcloth! I just learned to purl continentally and this will be the perfect practice piece. (if you purl every row it turns out the same as if you knit every row) (just so you know I'm not nuts) I love your scarf-good luck!