Saturday, February 10, 2007

Half a year!

Celebrating the six month anniversary of our log-in date! One step closer to our little one. Baby, we're coming!
One year ago tomorrow we attended an information session put on by CCAI. A short year ago, we weren't even sure we wanted to adopt, and if we did - from where. The journey to now has taken a few twists and turns. We've learned so much and developed friendships along the way. My forum friends, bloggy friends and First Friday friends are now a very real part of my life.
Lord, help me to remember not to be so focused on the destination that I fail to enjoy the journey.


Mark and Terri said...

Congrats, on having 6 months behind you!

Anonymous said...

Karan and Bruce, So excited to get your note and to read up on your adoption process. FYI, Steve Nogy and Analyn adopted from China, and they are in process with baby #2. e=mail me if you get a chance...big news here to tell you! Love, your wedding singer