Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pokeno night!

So tonight is my monthly Pokeno outing. What exactly is Pokeno? It seems to be a Southern thing - I'd never even heard of it in 30-odd years living in the Midwest.

Best explanation I can come up with: it's like bingo with playing cards. Except you uncover things instead of covering them up. Everyone brings a $5 gift and the winners get to choose something to take home. It's fairly easy to play (if you pay attention) and the point of the evening is to eat and socialize, whether you win or lose.

Tonight was not my night for Pokeno and I came home empty handed - boo! hiss! Oh well, maybe next time!


amy said...

hey there! SOUNDS interesting and yes I would love to learn about your quilt

Kathy and Joel said...

Sounds like fun! Sorry that you didn't win the prize.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like fun. In fact, my hubby's grandpa made up a game like that on a board. He cut up cards, then you try to match them on the board. Good explanation, huh? As clear as MUD! LOL!