Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Meditations

  1. My friends at Journey to Shelby as they prepare to travel to China to meet Shelby.
  2. Libby Belle as she gets her second series of heartworm shots this week.
  3. The child who will someday be ours. We don't know if you're a boy or girl, how old or where you are, but we pray for you and that you may be a blessing to those with whom you come in contact. May your needs be met daily.
  4. GraceFlock as we prepare for our Fall mini-tour!


  1. Visit Somewhere Over the Rainbow to congratulate them on being matched with Ricky.
  2. The learning and growth happening in our lives during this time.


amy said...

Hey we have Monday Meditations over at our blog as well as a guest blogger and you know him!

Prayer is the best thing we can do for our babies!

CJ and Donna said...

Thanks for the extra prayers as we definately need all we can get!

Mark and Rebecca said...

What a nice post. We are praying, learning and growing too. Can't wait to see Shelby come home!