Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Festival

Today was Fall Festival at church. The day started early as I rang with the handbell choir for the both traditional services. Our contemporary service was filled will all kinds of wonderful music and stories of faith, thankfulness and grace. Then came a delicious barbecue dinner. HunnyB joined the youth group on their golf cart scavenger hunt and I wandered through the front lawn, watching the kids in the jumpy things (whatever are they really called, anyways?), and eating cotton candy. I talked to a friend who is leaving for China to get her little girl in 10 days. All in all, it was a day where God felt very close.


amy said...

Im so glad you had a wonderful day..It was definitely a fall day today..I felt God everywhere today as well!

Mark and Rebecca said...

I just love Fall! It sounds like you had a great day.