Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Beginnings

Well, 2008 is here already (finally). For some it means continued waiting while for others it marks a new adventure in the building of their family. As we continue to make final preparations for bringing home Micah, we wish all of you the excited joy that new beginnings bring.
We are excited because our pre-approval from China was received - on Christmas Day! What a grand present that little piece of paper represented. One step closer to our letter of acceptance and the realization of our dream to bring home our little boy.


The Evans Family said...

Congratulations! Another set of "letters" to add your list. Soon you'll have that LOA/SC and be waiting for TA!!! What a Happy New Year you all are in for!

The Straight's said...

Can't wait to meet that little boy soon. Hoping for a speedy LOA soon!