Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sometimes life comes at you fast!

Yesterday was our inaugural Third Fridays - Southside! I can't speak for the others who were there, but it did my spirits good. We had at least nine families represented from those just seeking information on China adoption to those who've been home for a while. And everyone in between. Of course I forgot my camera so I have no pictures. But trust me - every child was adorable. And a first for a China adoption event (in my experience): boys outnumbered girls. It was neat to hear the stories of those who've traveled. Thanks to those who shared pointers for our upcoming trip. Sending some love to Amy who is so close to a referral and yet so far. Here's hoping for a huge batch of referrals before Chinese New Year!

But sometimes life comes at you fast! We came home to find inches of standing water in our garage. Our hot waterheater had broken and was pouring water onto the floor the whole time we were gone. After a late night session with the wet vac and a Saturday visit from the plumber, we once again have hot water and a dry garage.


Seabolt said...

We live on the south side - Henry County. I am hoping we can make one of the gatherings soon.

I am glad to hear that you have hot water again!! :)

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Glad to hear the first Third Fridays was a success!

The Hindsman's said...

We had a blast at 3rd Friday! Thanks so much for getting it going.

Sorry to hear about your water heater. Glad it's fixed!

Can't wait to follow your journey to China.