Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So today's the day we go get fingerprinted for our 797 renewal. See this post: Yikes! for my rant on needing to be refingerprinted. Hopefully all will go well and we'll have our new 797 in hand shortly.

We have applied for our China visas and are still waiting on our Travel Authorization (TA) from China. We expect it in the next 2-3 weeks. Once we have our TA and a valid 797, we can make our appointment with the US Consulate in Guangzhou. That appointment will set the dates for our trip. Then we get to book tickets, hotels, transfers and tours. My best guess at this point is that we will be traveling near the end of February or early March.

I decided that it was time for a new "mommy haircut." My long hair was just taking too long to dry and style and it ended up in a pony tail most of the time. So, for the benefit of those too far away to see me, here'e the new cut!


amy said...

oh my friend, I love it. I hope you get all the paperwork soon..

praying for you


Tammy said...

We cannot wait to see you on your Gotcha Day! How exciting! Oh, and I love the new look! Beautiful!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Like the 'do'... I just done the same thing myself... time for a new look... though I went way out on a limb... lol... take care

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

Like the Mommy-cut! I got one myself not too long ago. :-)

Praying your TA comes soon!

Eric & Heather said...

LOVE the new doo!! We're hoping sending prayers for your TA to come! I'm so excited for you!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Hi there! I just saw your comment on my delurking post. How exciting that you are about to go and get Micah! That is wonderful. And I love your new haircut, you still have some good length but it looks like it would be pretty easy to keep up.
Please keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!
We're in Georgia, too!! Where are you? We're just outside of Fort Gordon.

We got back in March 07 with our daughter (now 20 months) from China. I LOVE life with her!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Love the mommy cut! We are hoping that this final leg of your journey goes quickly and smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Looks groovy.