Monday, July 21, 2008

Lotsa Doctors!

Micah is trying to keep a low profile to hide out from all the doctors we saw last Friday.

We started our day at 7:15 seeing the dentist. He attempted to remove Micah's obturator, but found that it was too firmly attached to his palate. We are now working to schedule OR time so it can be taken out under general anesthesia.

Then we moved on to the ENT where we learned that his ear tubes are still blocked. They attempted another hearing test. He was uncooperative and the test failed. They did do an old fashioned hearing test in the booth and found that he was hearing at 30 dB. I guess the magic number is 25 dB. They couldn't say that he didn't hear, just that he didn't respond. It could have been because he was terrified of the pink elephant that banged on a drum and cymbals! Yes, that was one of the stimuli. I was a little frightened myself.

They would like to do a hearing test under general anesthesia up at Scottish Rite. I said, "funny, because he's scheduled to go under general anesthesia next week." We are still waiting to see if we can get everything aligned for later this week.

We decided to treat ourselves by having ice cream for lunch! Mama was a little frazzled too.


Crazy Mama said...

uhhhggg! hate those sound booths. in fact, we go for Batman's sedated ABR on Wednesday. hopeful for a good report.
hang in there! all of those dr. appts can be too much for a little fellow. just gives us mommies more of a reason to love on our little guys. hee

FHL said...

Poor guy, I'd be hiding too! I hope he was able to have a large dish with extra toppings! He certainly has earned it!!!

The Evans Family said...

So many doctors for our little ones! We've had great luck getting the doctors to coordinate surgeries with both Analiese and Matthew. Good luck to you guys!