Friday, January 22, 2010

I heartily endorse this pudding!

Just a quick update as we relax on a Friday afternoon. Micah was able to go back to school starting Wednesday. He has been a good sport since he is required to miss phys ed and recess. He spends these times with his speech therapist so I think it's not too bad. He is starting to tire of the soft diet (as are the rest of us)! You can only eat so much macaroni and cheese, pasta, pudding and popsicles. But again, he's being a pretty good sport about it.

Yesterday I spoke with the doctor's office about Micah's snoring and apnea. They put him back on the steroids to help with the swelling. Last night was a much better night's sleep. I hope after this round, the inflammation has gone down and he will continue to get his rest.

Micah is thrilled with the stray kitty that has decided that our garage is a great place to get out of the weather and that our golf cart is a cat bed. We've bought some cat food and I'm afraid the kitty may be hanging out more often at Casa De Ladman.


Katie said...

So glad that he is doing better! Congratulations on the new kitty. :)

Shanna said...

Great news that the steroids are helping! That boy needs his rest ( ehem, as does mom and dad!)!
After all Micah has been through, I think he is deserving of a new kitty. Hee, hee.

amy said...

Yeah Micah. We hope to see you soon! You are getting so big!