Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our foray into the world of blogging

What are we doing here? We've asked that of ourselves. Everybody's doing it. That's not a good reason. If everybody jumped off a cliff would you do it?

We want to share our adoption journey with family and friends. Now that's admirable. It's easier to update this once and let everyone read it rather than send emails to each person. But that could be solved with an email distribution list.

We want a record of our process, thoughts and feelings to share with our child after s/he's home from China. I want our child to know how very much s/he is loved and cared for, even before we've met. That's it! That's why we're here.

We're in the process of adopting from China. We've completed the paperchase and submitted our dossier to the CCAA in China. Our log-in date (LID) is 8/10/06. I heard a good explanation of LID the other day. It's like taking a number at the deli. You don't know when you'll be served, but your place in line is secure.

The most recent set of referrals were made about 14 months after LID. If the wait stays the same, we would receive our referral - pictures of our child - in October of 2007. But the wait has been steadily increasing over the past year. Will it continue to lengthen? Will the wait times decrease? Time will tell.

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