Sunday, November 05, 2006

Our journey so far....

This is a picture of our dossier. That's the big packet of information that represents you to the CCAA in China. Every document must be notarized, certified by the county in which the notary is commissioned (for OH and GA documents), certified by the Secretary of State, and finally authenticated by the Chinese Consulate that covers that state.

Here's a summary of our journey to be LID:

  • February 11 - Attended CCAI Information Session
  • February 13 - Began assembling our application to CCAI
  • March 3 - B drove to the CCAI to deliver our application in person because the fax machines wouldn't work
  • March 3, 4:00 pm - Accepted by CCAI the same day!
  • March 11 - Attended orientation
  • March 13 - sent B's birth certificate and our marriage certificate to Secretaries of State of NE and OH
  • March 20 - First homestudy visit, including home tour
  • March 22 - Submitted I-600a (request to adopt a foreign-born orphan) to USCIS
  • March 24 - sent marriage certficate to Chinese Consulate in NY
  • March 27 - sent B's birth certificate to US Dept of State (required since he was born in NE)
  • March 27 - second homestudy visit
  • March 28 - sent K's birth certificate to Secretary of State of MI
  • April 3 - third homestudy visit (including separate interviews with B and K)
  • April 10 - FINAL homestudy visit
  • April 11 - sent K's birth certificate to Chinese Consulate in Chicago
  • April 13 - fingerprinted by USCIS
  • April 14 - sent B's birth certificate to Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC
  • May 4 - Homestudy submitted to USCIS
  • May 10 - took 9 documents in person to GA Secretary of State
  • May 11 - sent 9 documents to Chinese Consulate in Houston
  • June 16 - delivered dossier in person to our agency (without the 797c which we were still waiting for) This is us handing our dossier to J, our most awesome dossier consultant!
  • June 28 - passed critical review
  • July 18 - received 797c
  • July 19 - took 797c in person to county and GA Secretary of State
  • June 20 - sent 797c to courier service in Houston
  • July 25 - received 797c from courier - drove it up to CCAI!
  • July 25 - our dossier was approved in GA and sent to CCAI's home office in CO
  • July 27 - our dossier was sent to China! This is our DTC date!!!!!!
  • August 10 - our dossier is logged in by the CCAA in China. We are LID!!!!!

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Kathy and Joel said...

You and I are on a simliar path! Our LID is August 14, 2006 and yours is just 4 days earlier. It will be great to follow each other throughout the next year or so!