Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guest Photographers

Sometimes Mama and Baba need a break from always being behind the camera. So for today's post, we have two up and coming guest photographers.

First we feature the very talented Micah. I'll let him describe his photographs.Self portrait.
Here's my mama. It's hard to get her to hold still for a picture.
A photo of our lovely hotel room in Orlando.

Our next guest photographer is the lovely Lainey. I'll also ask her to explain the inspiration for these photos.
Guys dig chicks in pink convertibles.
Here's a picture of my mommy. Isn't she pretty?

Pictures are genuine works by Micah and Lainey. Copyright 2008


Donna said...

Gee,thanks for "featuring" a shot of my lovely legs on your blog! I'm honored...mortified?
I just caught up on the rest of your FL trip, I love the pics!! Looks like ya'll had a real blast!

Beverly said...

those are great. budding prof. photogs.

to sing and to dance said...

These are way too funny!
Cady has a Fisher Price camera and we have so many "views from the Cady eye". We have several pictures of her feet from her car ride last year. Intentional too. LOL

FHL said...

Those are hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle :o)

The Evans Family said...

The best part of the digital cameras are that you didn't have to pay to get these developed and find out what lovelies they were!

Ron said...

I see a prize winning photographer in the future:)