Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unexpected Moments on our Roadtrip

This was our first road trip with our little guy. We weren't sure what to expect as Micah's previous longest road trip was about an hour. He was a trooper in the car. We bungee'd the portable DVD player to the back of the seat and he happily watched Elmo and Veggie Tale DVDs through much of the trip. He only got fussy when he got hot and sweaty so we kept the AC cranked most of the way. So much for gas mileage!

We had a surprise when we walked into the hotel room. Micah melted down into a screaming fit. I don't know if it reminded him of China (the last time we stayed in a hotel) or if he was disappointed that Mickey wasn't there waiting for him. But we employed the principle of redirection that worked so well in China and soon he was happily riding the luggage rack to the lobby. After dinner in the hotel restaurant and a dip in the pool, we were able to complete our evening routine and go to sleep without even a whine.
One of Micah's favorite games from our time in Guangzhou was playing in the sheers. He was excited to find that this hotel room came with sheers, too!
Another unexpected thrill was the shuttle bus ride to Disney. The hotel where we stayed offered a complimentary shuttle, so mama and baba were all over that! Micah, however, was fired up to ride a real bus! Our poor driver had to listen to every verse of The Wheels on the Bus all the way to the Magic Kingdom. You'll notice that at least half the time we ask Micah to smile for a picture, we get the fingers in the cheeks pose. It's a start!


Katie said...

What good parents you are! Distracting Micah to do what needed to be done. I loved all the vacation shots, and the stories. Looks like you are all thriving as a family of three!!!! :)

amy said...

OH IM so glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing these pics and sharing some of your stories!

Ron said...

What's with boys and buses? Jensen loves buses and the "Wheels on the bus" song. Glad you had a good time.

FHL said...

Aren't portable DVD players one of the best inventions ever!? Although I will say, it took us 6 years to figure out that headphones attatched to that DVD player is pretty awesome too ;o)

Julie said...

"Wheels on the Bus" is Nathan's favorite song now too! It's so fun to see pics of you at DisneyWorld! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. We will have to go together when our boys our older.