Monday, September 15, 2008

Magic Kingdom

Of course, we had to visit Micky Mouse at his house. Micah just loves "Icky House" as he calls Mickey. We had a fantastic day. I'll tell the story in pictures.
It was hot, hot hot! It was amazing to have our forever family together at the happiest place on earth.
We watched the show at Cinderella's Castle. Micah was so excited. Mickey himself was there along with Minnie, Goofy and Donald.
After a visit to Small World, we found the carousel.
Our boy loves the carousel. He rode it over and over.
We took a break to have some Mickey ice cream sandwiches and goldfish.
Hangin' at Mickey's house.
Magic Kingdom is already decorated for Halloween.
Micah was so tuckered out, he crashed in the stroller.
Mama and Baba decided to have a snack while the little guy was sleeping. We went to the nearest eatery to find a very limited menu: Turkey legs, pretzels and chips? What's up with that?
Oh well, the pretzels and frozen cherry drinks were refreshing!
We enjoyed every minute of our day. Micah was an excited little guy and rode many, many rides, including Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and his favorite, "Mouse!" (The Mad Hatter's teacups where the mouse pops out of the teapot in the center.)
At the end of the day we took the boat back so we had a relaxing time to say goodbye to Mickey's house. Truly a magical day.


Crazy Mama said...

I love Disney! Your pictures make me miss it big time! Micah looked like he was totally loving the whole trip :)
You're right, what is up with the BIG turkey leg thing? I thought my kids would starve in that area of the park :O

amy said...

Oh I loved these pics! Glad you had a good time..What special memories

Kevin and Violet said...

Looks like you all had a good time.

I wish I had someone to push me around when I got tired! LOL


Margaret Miracle said...

Looks like so much fun! I can't wait to take Graeme and lily one day!

Ron said...

Love the family pic in front of the castle!

waitingformaddie said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Disney is great all around!

I can't believe how big your little guy is getting!!!

Steph said...

Icky House is my favorite, too! I can't wait to take Ian to meet him. By the way, I read somewhere once that there are more turkey legs imported to Disney World than any other place in the world. Mmmm! :-)