Friday, September 12, 2008


Not the face you were expecting to see here?

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet again, but we were able to take a little vacation to Florida. Our first stop was a visit with our friends Randy and Donna from Handsful. We met them in China as they were adopted Lainey at the same time we were adopting Micah. In China, our families found an instant connection, like seeing someone you know very well, but haven't seen in a while. So last week, we had an awesome time visiting with Randy, Donna and their five kids. It was great to see how Lainey has blossomed. She is so adorable and full of personality. And meeting the older kids was a blessing. What super human beings these folks are raising.

Micah had a blast playing with all the children. Peyton has a special gift for little ones. He played patiently and enthusiastically with Micah. But Marley was definitely Micah's favorite.
Who says real men don't drive pink cars? Giving Peyton a lift....
Recreating a special photo from China. No Micah, say cheese, don't sign cheese!
Trying to get a shot of the two cuties together. Lainey gave it a valiant effort, chasing Micah up, down and all around the steps.
Sitting still for just a moment.
All the kids in the obligatory photo on the stairs. Hands full or Heart full? (Notice who Micah picked to sit with!)Thank you for your hospitality and continued friendship. You guys rock!


Beverly said...

those are sweet pictures. it is really nice when you can re-connect with your travel buds.

amy said...

Thanks for sharing these. YOu guys sure have a lot of fun!

Ashley and Mike said...

How much fun that you guys had a reunion! Looks like you guys had so much fun. I saw Donna's post the other day and you both have such nice things to say about each other.

BTW, I keep seeing you guys at or headed to 5 Guys. I really need to stop and say hello but I literally have been seeing you around town so often, I didn't want you to think I was a blog stalker :)

waiting for Piper in Jiaozou

FHL said...

Very fun!