Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Micah continues to recover here at home. He regularly points at his mouth and says, "mouth!" I don't know if it hurts or he's just remarking that it's different. His lips are dry and chapped and quite uncomfortable. He's getting Vaseline several times a day for that one. He has developed gorilla breath as well. I can see up through his obturator to his palate. It looks pretty disgusting, but I don't see any holes in the palate. We go back to the dentist tomorrow to check the obturator and make sure it's in place and that everything looks good.

He'd really rather be engaged in active play rather than staying inside and doing quiet things. We've realized why the doctor said no active play since he's a little off-balance and falls rather easily.

He still gets fussy every 4-1/2 hours when the pain medication wears off. He still cries when we give him his medicine, but the cries are more like a minor complaint than the full-out cries of day 1 and 2. He's either getting used to it or he's believing us that the medicine will make him feel better.

Each day he seems more like himself, at least some of the time. But periodically, for no apparent reason, he turns into another child. He'll refuse a cup of yogurt and then scream when it's put back in the fridge. His pat answer to everything is "no!" Even things he wants elicit head shakes and refusals. He alternates between being very cuddly and hating even the slightest touch. More of that intense parenting stuff, I guess.


amy said...

Oh I hope he continues to recover!

The Straight's said...

Keep up the good work mom. Hope he feels better soon. Once Shelby was on Motrin she started acting more like herself.

Jen & Bill said...

he sounds like Ricky. Ricky would all of sudden start to cry and shake his head no.

hope he starts to feel better. for us it took abougt 9 days for Ricky to be his crazy self.

how are the nights?

Kevin and Violet said...

We hope Micah continues to make a speedy recovery. We will follow along on your blog with great interest. We're going to be in your shoes one day (hopefully soon) and hope you will have all the answers. LOL

Take care,

Kevin and Violet

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Just catching up on your blog after vacation. I had been wondering how your little man was doing. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and hoping to see you guys again soon.

Steph said...

Hang in there, Micah! It will get better...promise! You're in our thoughts!