Wednesday, June 25, 2008

He's baaaack!

He's baaaack! What a difference a day (and being off the pain medication) makes. Micah had a positive evaluation by the doctors today and his recovery is right on track. We decided to take him off the pain meds and just start using childrens motrin and tylenol. (Thanks for that advice, Donna!) He came back to us, smiling and being silly for most of the day, leading us to think that maybe Mr. Hyde has taken a hiatus, at least for now. He still is rather clingy and cuddly, but we like that and are eating it up.

Jen, you asked about his sleep. It hasn't been good. He's been waking up every few hours and it hasn't seemed that he reached good sleep until after 4am. We're hopeful for tonight, though.


The Straight's said...

Glad the Motrin is helping. Praying for quick recovery!

amy said...

yeah for Micah!

FHL said...

So glad to hear he's feeling better! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the mall as well :o) My son's best friend's mom is one of my closest friends here as that!