Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Friday

Last Friday we made our monthly trek to the North side to enjoy the 4th anniversary of First Fridays. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone in the group. We were thrilled to hear that Michael and Amy have decided to submit a medical checklist for a waiting child. We know that medical checklists lead to children!!! We were happy to celebrate and pray along with Tymm and Laura as they plan their trip to Ethiopia later this week to adopt their daughter. And the joy on Lovell and Jonathan's faces reminded us of our own just six short months ago. Dan's talk reminded us to listen to God's urging to get on the river and go for the ride.

Micah had a blast playing with his buddies, especially his best bud, Sheridan. And of course, Mama left her camera at Sheridan's house, so I won't have pictures until later this week. D'oh! I'll just throw in a gratuitous Micah picture for fun.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

We were bummed that we missed it. So excited for everyone!

Chelley said...

Well at least you left us with one pic of Micah!!

looking forward to more!!

FHL said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!

Hope you and your little man are having a fun week :o)