Sunday, June 01, 2008

Micah, Child of God

Child of God,
You have been sealed by the
Holy Spirit and marked with the
cross of Christ forever.

Today was Micah's baptism. Words cannot express the feelings in this Mama's heart as we committed to raising Micah to know and love the Lord. But as this is a blog and blogs without words can be dull, so I'll try.

Pastor Miriam began the service by noting that our congregation has waited for this moment for a long time. That conjured memories of being supported by our church family during the wait, during Bruce's deployment and through Micah's adoption. We were blessed to have both Pastors participate in the baptism today, much as they have participated in his life (and ours). NaiNai and YeYe (Bruce's mom and step-dad) were here to share the day as well.

Micah did just fine during the service until the first drops of water touched his head. Then, in true Micah form, he threw back his head and said, "Waaah!" And once the water part was over, he was fine again.

After his baptism, Micah joined Graceflock for a special appearance.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

What a special time for your family. His outfit is perfect!

Kim said...

What a special special day! One of my favorite memories is of Sheridan's baptism. Micah is a true child of God and you will do a wonderful job raising him in the ways of the Lord.

FHL said...

Oh, I've never been able to watch a baptism with out getting all teary eyed....just didn't know that I can't read about one without needing a tissue as well! Such a special moment!!

amy said...

thanks for sharing this with us. what a special day indeed!

Chelley said...

what a special day

blessings to you at this wonderful time

Jay, Angela & Laney said...

What a beautiful day! A time to celebrate answered prayers!