Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Six Months Together and Milestone Update

Last week we celebrated six months as a family of four.  It's hard to believe that it has been that long! Noah has really settled into our family.  He loves showing off his dance moves!

Six months ago he was frightened and angry!
Now he's a happy little brother who wants to be just like Micah.
He is doing pretty well overall.  He seems to be on target for most social, emotional and gross and fine motor milestones.  He continues to lag behind in language.  By two years, most children will have many words and will begin to use two word sentences.  Noah has only a handful of spoken words.  Mama, Libby, Mao (for cat), nap, snap, oh-oh and his favorite, snack!  I think he calls Micah "Nuh" which is what Micah called himself for a long time.  He has said a few other words while imitating others, but I'm not convinced he has conquered these words.  His newest word is cheese which represents a new vowel sound for him. He has a larger vocabulary of signs:  yes, juice, cheese, please, shoes, yogurt and all done. 

He has speech therapy through Babies Can't Wait once or twice a month.  We will have his speech evaluated at Scottish Rite in May and then we'll have a better idea of exactly where he is. 


Julie said...

His new ear tubes should help with his language development -- as you know I'm sure. It's so wonderful to see the brothers together! What a precious family!

musicalmary said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months, Karen. I know it has been a blur for you and Bruce to say the least. Noah is so unbelievably blessed - what a sweetheart he is, too!

klc112792 said...

Karen just wanted to leave the link to our blog before I forget. It was good to see you this morning and the boys are adorable!
Carol Clark

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